I Don’t Take Emergency Appointments

I don’t treat patients who are in a large amount of pain or that have spasm or weakness that makes walking or moving difficult to do.

My therapeutic work is deep muscular therapy-pressure. This work will irritate a person if they’re having a large amount of pain or a large amount of incapacity.

If you need emergency help, I suggest going to your primary medical doctor or to an urgent care facility.

If you’re an established patient, it’s good for us to plan about what options you have if you’re in severe pain. It’s good for us to go over other therapists and doctors in the area that can treat you on an emergency basis.

If You've Been In An Automobile Accident

I don’t work with new patients who have been in an automobile accident because of the amount of paper work involved and because of the antagonistic approach taken by insurance companies.

If you’re an established patient and you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, we may be able to work together. We can discuss your options. I can help you find other practitioners for you to be treated for the injuries

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