Fees For Appointments and For Cancelling an Appointment

Dr. Phil Petachenko DC

Chiropractic Fees

There is a $150 charge for the first chiropractic appointment.

There is a $125 charge for all other appointments.

Appointments are for approximately one hour. The first appointment may be slightly more than one hour.

Scheduling (or Cancelling) A Chiropractic Appointment

All chiropractic appointments are made through text, phone conversation or in
person. I do not use e-mail for scheduling or rescheduling chiropractic
appointments. Please text or call the office at 760-942-9700 for making or for cancelling a chiropractic appointment.

Cancellation Fee for Chiropractic Appointments

If you have an afternoon appointment and if you cancel by 9 a.m. of the same day, then there’s no charge for cancelling your appointment. If you have a morning appointment and if you cancel by 12 noon the day before the appointment, then there’s no charge.

There’s a $60 charge for any missed appointment or for canceling an appointment with only short notice

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