My Chiropractic Service

An appointment is for approximately one hour. This gives us a lot of time for me to teach you about your current condition. I will show you how you can actively, effectively, and simply help yourself heal — what I call the At Home Therapy Program. Teaching you about your current condition and what to do to help your condition is the teaching part of my chiropractic service.

The other part of my chiropractic service is the treatment that I apply. Everybody who comes into my office, comes in because some part of their body is either in pain or is not working well. I work on muscle and joint problems. Whether it’s your shoulder, neck, elbow, wrist, back, hips, knees, ankles, or feet, we work together to get that area healthy.

My primary form of treatment is deep muscle massage in the form of trigger point therapy to the area in trouble and to other areas that are reinforcing the trouble. As the years have gone on, I do less and less chiropractic adjustments. An adjustment can be helpful if the joint is not well aligned. Every time I’ve felt the body could use an adjustment, I’ve always found that there are tight muscles pulling on the bones causing the bones to not be in proper alignment. Chiropractic adjustments can be wonderful in helping an area to heal. I’ve found that if the muscles are not overly pulling on the joint (whether the joint is your neck, back, hips, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, or foot), the joint is going to be pretty darn happy. Improper or excessive use of that joint can also be the cause of your pain.

My treatment focuses on decreasing overly tight muscles thereby allowing the joint to again be free. Most of the self treatment that I recommend to people is to use self massage tools to decrease their overly tight muscles. I also recommend stretching, exercising more or less depending on the condition, and of course, avoiding activities that are too strenuous. I try to not take activities away from patients, but at times, it’s necessary for them to temporarily stop certain activities.

Within six appointments, most of my teaching is done. The patient understands what is going wrong in their body and what to do about it. The remaining appointments are primarily involved in deep muscle therapy and addressing secondary health issues.

Most people who begin treatment find that they receive effective help for their condition. I also refer to other health providers in the area. These other health professionals either have knowledge that I don’t have or they provide a service that I think would be better for the patient. Through my teaching and my treatment, my chiropractic service is designed to decrease the built-up stress and also addresses how to prevent the stress from re-forming again into trouble.

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