The Bottom Line Of The Posture Lesson For Sitting Meditation

The article on muscle tension and the alignment relaxation cycle and the article on why my first alignment is my worst alignment will tell you why your posture can improve and your tension can decrease as you sit during meditation.

Well over 50% of the people who take the lesson are able to consistently be more comfortable after one hour of sitting than when they first began their sitting.

Some people have received coaching from me beyond just the lesson. These coaching sessions are usually for fifteen minutes. Everyone who has been coached has improved their meditation posture. Usually after three coaching sessions the person is "good for life" in having proper meditation posture. There is also a ninety minute follow up lesson that people can attend.

My estimate is that 90% of the people who take the lesson and properly apply the five points of the lesson will consistently experience more comfort as they sit for meditation. It's fairly common for people who apply the five points correctly to be able to sit for two or three hours without any great discomfort. Yes, transitory aches can occur. This is vastly different from pain that stays or grows stronger in one or more places in your body. 10% of the people who take the lesson do have physical limitations that will prevent them from sitting comfortably for hours at a time.

The bottom line is that for 90% of the people who meditate if you have nagging discomfort and/or incorrect posture after an hour of sitting, then you're sitting improperly. Your body is appropriately and lawfully giving you pain or tension because you're not correctly sitting.
In the class that I taught in December 2010 a woman commented, after sitting in class for three hours, that she had no pain in her hip or in her leg. She had always had pain in her hip and leg when sitting for even a short period of time. This pain was because she was sitting improperly.

I can now sit comfortably with good posture three times longer than I could sit when I was in my twenties (I'm 55). I used to think that I was too restless/uncomfortable to sit for long periods and that was my fate until I could calm my restlessness. I had no improvement in being more comfortable for twenty seven years. I'm a chiropractor so I presumed that I knew how to sit properly. Nope! My body was telling me for decades that I was doing something wrong.

Don't settle for uncomfortable meditations. You very well could be one of the 90% of people who can sit comfortably if you properly sit. For the 10% of the people who have physical limitation this lesson can help you be more comfortable.

The testimonial page will let you know what a number of people have written about the positive effect of this posture lesson.

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