The Review-Advanced Posture Lesson For Sitting Meditation


Date Of The Next Lesson
There is no date set at this time. Click here to send me an e-mail if you'd like me to send you an e-mail for the date of the next lesson.

A Very Important Update To The Original Lesson
There is only one major improvement to the posture lesson that was added beginning August 2011. This improvement is further, and complete, instruction on the fifth point of the lesson -- softly balanced head. Prior to August 2011 I did not give complete instructions on this key point.

Taking this review-advanced lesson is well worth your time to receive this important improvement in the posture lesson.

The Lesson
This lesson is available to everyone who has attended the three and a half hour posture lesson for sitting meditation.

The lesson is for two to two and a half hours. The lesson begins with a review of the five key points for proper sitting posture during meditation and answering any questions that you have. Once you're sitting with the five points of proper sitting posture established, the remainder of the lesson will be you saying what is uncomfortable or if you have any questions about your sitting posture.

Because this is a group class, you'll be able to hear other people say what is occurring for them. You may hear multiple solutions for a particular tension in the body. Multiple solutions can exist because there are different improper ways to produce the same particular pain or tension.

Everyone in this lesson is earnest about their sitting posture for meditation; otherwise they would not be at this follow up lesson. This is a unique opportunity to be in a group with other people who highly value meditation. I'm certain everyone will gain insight and improvement in their meditation posture.

Meditation posture is very under emphasized in how to correctly and comfortably sit for long meditations.

The Purpose Of The Lesson
The purpose of this lesson is to find out if you have the best meditation posture that is possible for you. This lesson provides you with the opportunity to find out if you have all five points correct for you.

This time is not a time to go deep in meditation. Going deep in meditation is not the purpose of this lesson. The purpose of the lesson is for you to be in contact with your body during this entire time of sitting. With this near continual contact with your body you may discover more and more about your body and about how to have the best meditation posture that is possible.

When I First Begin To Sit
When I first sit for meditation I establish the five key points. This initial position is not my best meditation posture of the sitting. As I sit properly my body has more opportunity to relax and open to better and better posture. Click here to read more about why my initial posture is not my best posture.
Click here to read about an important topic relating to sitting posture. This topic is about muscle tension and about how the proper alignment-muscle relaxation cycle helps your posture to improve during your sitting.

Cost Of The Lesson
The cost of the lesson is $45 per person. If two or more people sign up together, then the cost is $40 per person.

What To Do Prior To The Lesson and What To Bring To The Lesson
Click here to find out what to bring to the lesson and the five questions to answer before the lesson begins . This is the same preparation that you do before the three and a half hour posture lesson for sitting meditation.
In this review and practice lesson, it's very important to bring your cushion, zabuton, and kneeling bench. If you use a chair, it's not as important that you bring that chair (though bring it if you can).

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