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The summer stick-stretch classes on the beach in Encinitas did have happen in 2016; the first time in many years. It's possible that the classes will again take place beginning in May or June 2017. Please let me know if you want to be added to the email list for the classes. Thank you for many great summers on the beach!
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Everything You Need To Know Before Attending The Encinitas Class: Date/Time, Location, Cost, What To Bring, and How To Reserve A Stick Just Right For You
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Introductory Information About The Class
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Private Stick-Stretch Lessons
Click here to find out about the private stick-stretch lessons. Up to three people can take the lesson at the same cost as one person.

Stick-Stretch Classes In Orange County
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See Stick-Stretches Photos and One Short Video
Click here to go to Arthur Faygenholtz D.C.'s website and see some photos of different stick-stretches. I learned stick-stretches from him. There are two videos. At 1:20 of the second video (of him on the beach) is a stick-stretch. Prior to that is him warming up.

FAQs: What Are Stick-Stretches? How Much Do The Sticks Cost? How Do I Make My Own Stick? How Many Classes Do You Recommend That I Attend?
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Two Principles Of Stretching, Leverage Makes It Easier, and A Comparison to Yoga Stretches
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A Listing Of All Of The Stick-Stretch Teachers In San Diego County
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Click here to send me an e-mail If you'd like to have a private stick-stretch lesson or you can call me at 760-942-9700.

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