Bending, Lifting, Turning, and Sleeping

In this private posture lesson, you’ll practice the four rules to proper bending and lifting. These four rules are the ABCs for bending and lifting. It’s so simple to know how to properly bend and lift. It takes practice to be able to bend and lift well because you have to move differently than is your usual way of moving when you bend and lift. This is where the coaching lessons can be valuable in helping you develop the proper way to bend and lift. Any time any part of your body comes closer to the ground, you're bending. Any time any part of your body goes up away from the ground, you're lifting. You bend and lift your body hundreds of times a day.

The private posture lesson for sleeping will show you the good and bad points of each of the three sleeping positions; on your back, on your side, and on your stomach. If you can improve the position of your body, even a little, by taking this private posture lesson, the benefits can be enormous when you’re 80. Many patients that I work with are having continuing problems because they are sleeping incorrectly. These points about proper sleeping are the ABCs for sleeping. Know and use these ABCs and your body will be much more comfortable when you’re 80.

In the group classes, the vast majority of people have an improper pillow height. This alone can cause your neck a bunch of trouble over 80 years. In this lesson, we’ll go over your usual sleeping positions; what is good about them and what can be better. I’m primarily a side sleeper. I’m still working on correcting one bad habit. It keeps popping up, but not as bad and not as often. All we can do is to try to fall asleep in a good position. After we fall asleep, we can move in lots of different ways. There is little we can do about that. Some people sleep with a long body pillow so that they’ll be supported better while they sleep.

If you wake up during the night, each time you fall back asleep is another opportunity to bring yourself into a better position. The more often you correct your sleeping position, the better chance you’ll have of staying in that better position. Sleeping is not just about position, it’s also about having a good bed and a good pillow. You’ll benefit more from this sleeping lesson if you take the bending, lifting, and framework of sitting lesson first. It’s not required that you take the bending, lifting, and sitting lesson first. But if you’re going to take both lessons take the sleeping lesson second.

Sleeping takes up almost one third of your life. If you lie in bed for seven hours a night, it equals lying in bed for 24 hours a day for 106 days of the 365 days in a year. This is equivalent of you being in bed from January 1 until April 16 every year. You won’t get out of bed until April 17th. Over 70 years, you’re in bed for 21 solid years of your life. The position you sleep in has a big impact on your body over 70 years.

This lesson is for one hour. The cost is $80. One or two people can take the lesson. The cost is still $80 total.