Why Is The Posture Lesson For 3.5 Hours?

Almost everyone who comes to the posture lesson has the same initial question: Why does the lesson take three and a half hours? Many people think that an hour would be enough time. Why does this lesson take three and a half hours?

The answer is that there is a refinement of attention that is needed in this posture lesson that is not needed in the other posture lessons. The other posture lessons are more mechanical; they don't take as much attention as does the posture lesson for sitting meditation.

A person can practice and learn bending, lifting, turning, and sleeping in an hour. A person can practice and learn standing and walking in an hour. A person can practice and learn sitting at a desk and sitting at the dinner table in an hour.

Being comfortable and having an erect spine when sitting still for an hour or more requires a sensitive relationship with your body. This relationship is developed during the three and a half hour lesson.

When people finish the lesson they understand why the lesson takes three and a half hours. You're going to experiment a lot with the position of different parts of your body. You'll also learn quite a bit about muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. It's very good to understand how your body works. This understanding will be used for you to solve any physical pain or any moving away from an upright posture that occurs during your sitting.

The three and a half hours also allows you to ask questions throughout the lesson. Except for the sitting time at the end of the lesson, every section of the lesson is for seven minutes or less. There are no long talks during the lesson. There are times when I'll be talking and when you'll be able to move around, stretch, or sit casually. This lesson is very practical. Because this subject is divided into many small topics, something new is being presented throughout the lesson. People are usually surprised at how fast the times goes by.

In the last part of the lesson you'll sit and report any tension, pain, discomfort, or loss of upright posture that you experience. This last part of the lesson is for you to test out all of what you've learned and for you to know how to correctly respond to any pain or shifting away from proper posture that occurs.

Proper sitting posture during meditation is an entire field of study. To remain comfortable with an erect spine while you sit still for an hour or more is an art. You can learn this entire art in just three and a half hours.

Think of all of the many hours in your life that you sit for meditation. In this lesson you can improve how comfortable you are in longer meditations for the rest of your life.

Every person who has attended the lesson has improved in being able to sit more comfortably with an erect spine. Some people have had astonishing improvement; other people have just had a noticeable improvement. The testimonial page will help you understand the very positive help that many people have received from applying what they learned in this lesson.

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