My Qualifications To Teach This Lesson

Professional Experience
I've been a chiropractor since 1979. My treatment consists of an hour long session with deep muscle massage as the primary therapy. I also have taught my patients how to best use the 168 hours in each week to help their condition to heal. I consider myself primarily an educator and secondarily a therapist.

My Meditations
I've been meditating regularly since 1981. During many of these years I meditated for an hour twice a day. I've experienced root instructions about meditation posture from different lineages during these years. For the first twenty seven years of sitting for meditation I would almost always have pain after twenty to thirty minutes of sitting. This pain, once started, would be nearly continual until the end of the sitting. Once started, most often the pain would keep increasing as time went on. I was in good physical condition with years of regular exercise and yoga. And yet, the pain was almost inevitable after twenty to thirty minutes of sitting. I guessed that it was my fate to have uncomfortable longer meditations.

Posture Lessons
In 2008 I began to teach group and private posture lessons. After twenty five years of practice I saw the direct correlation to how people would develop chronic pain because of decades of improper posture and mechanics. I realized that my patients would continue to need treatment as long as they continued with their improper posture and mechanics.
I developed posture lessons for sitting, lying, standing, walking, bending, lifting, and turning. It took five years of teaching the posture lessons along with the help of two Alexander teachers for the posture lessons to be simple and correct. Even though I received help from two Alexander teachers, the lessons are not what you'd expect from an Alexander teacher.

The Posture Lesson For Sitting Meditation
Many people took these posture lessons and benefitted greatly. Yet some people who had been meditating for decades said they were still having trouble with pain or loss of an upright posture during long meditations. I also was not comfortable in long meditations; even though I was more comfortable.
The other posture lessons could be taught in forty five minutes to an hour. The first posture lesson for sitting meditation was for two and a half hours. During this time I could present all of the necessary information but people did not have enough time to experiment with all of the information. The lesson needed to be longer for them to have more time to experiment with their body until they found what was correct for them.
Three and a half hours could seem like a long time to learn how to comfortably sit during long meditations. For me, and for many other people, the benefit of these three and a half hours can be astounding. Three and a half hours to thoroughly learn how to sit comfortably in long meditations for the rest of your life is a small investment in time.

The Best Coaches/Teachers
If you think of the greatest baseball and football players of all time, you'll not find that they became great coaches. The best players have a natural ability to play the sport. They don't have to learn as much and work as hard as average players.
The best coaches were not the best players. They were sometimes just an average player at best. They had to learn and work hard to just be average. This needing to learn as much as they could and work very hard is what makes them a good coach.
I was not a natural "good sitter." I tried many ways to sit uncomfortably and they all failed until this posture lesson was developed.
I've met people who can just sit well during long meditations. They can't teach others how to comfortably sit because they haven't had to learn much about sitting. The root instructions were sufficient for them. For many people, the two or three minutes of guided instruction that most paths provide is insufficient in order to have a comfortable long sitting.
Open your eyes in a group sitting and after an hour of sitting you'll see that many people are not in good posture. Some of the people that are in good posture are experiencing pain for a considerable part of the sitting. If root instructions were sufficient, then almost everyone would be sitting comfortably erect during long sittings.

Aches will most likely arise during longer meditations. If aches arise, you'll know how to respond to your body's call of stress. Also, your body may need to become healthier to comfortably accept long meditations. You may need to stretch or exercise to gain the minimum amount of physical well being needed to sit comfortably for long periods of time. You may need specific therapy to help chronic conditions.
This unique posture lesson was developed after decades of professional experience of therapeutically treating muscle and joint problems. Also I had twenty seven years of painful meditations. I exercised and stretched. I also received a lot of therapy. And yet, my longer meditations were almost always painful. Now no meditation remains painful. This is not just my experience. Many people who have meditated for decades how found significant help from this lesson.
I, and many other people, have needed to understand thoroughly how each part of the body plays an important role in sitting posture. If you have one or more of these parts improperly aligned, then over a long sitting you can, with good reason, develop pain. If you have a fairly healthy body, if you have a proper seat height, and if you have the four main parts of your body are well aligned, then you have all of the ingredients needed to have as comfortable a sitting as is possible. With a comfortable body your attention can go inward and become quiet fater and eventually deeper.

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