The Cost For The 3.5 Hour Group Posture Lesson For Sitting Meditation


The posture lesson is designed to have seven people per lesson.

A $40 deposit is required to reserve your place in the posture lesson. The deposit is refundable through the Wednesday before the lesson. If you cancel on Thursday, Friday or Saturday you'll lose your deposit unless you have a friend take your place or if I have a waiting list and I can fill your place. Send your check to:
Phil Petachenko D.C.
660 2nd St.
Encinitas, CA. 92024

I want to attract small groups of people who know each other to attend the posture lesson for sitting meditation. When you take the lesson with friends you can check each other's meditation posture.

The usual charge for the lesson is $90 per person.

You can qualify for a discount if you follow both of the two rules for a discounted price:
1. You need to let me know before the lesson how many of you are attending the lesson together.
2. All of you need to show up. If two of you sign up for the discount but only one of you attends, then you'll be charged the fee for one person attending.

$90 if you sign up as one person.
$75 per person if two people sign up and attend the same lesson.
$70 per person if three or more people all sign up and attend the same lesson.
$65 to repeat this lesson.

There is a minimum charge of $350 for the posture lesson when one to five people sign up. There is a minimum of five people needed before the lesson will take place for a specific date. If the number of people attending the lesson are less than seven, then I have the option to fill the additional places.

There is a greater advantage to taking the lesson when there are more people in the lesson. When there are less than five people not as many questions come up; therefore the exploration of sitting posture may not be as deep.

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