After 30 years of practice, I’ve found that if you use your body mechanically correct, you’ll feel a lot better; you’ll have less tightness, you’ll have less trouble, and you’ll need less therapy. If, for decades, you use your body improperly, then you’ll probably cause yourself multiple problems that wouldn’t arise if you had proper mechanics.

Proper mechanics is both when your body is still (sitting, standing, and lying) and when your body is in motion (usually walking, bending, or lifting). Every person I’ve met has many flaws in their mechanics unless they were specifically taught by a therapist or by a doctor. And it’s very, very rare that I meet a person who is well taught. So virtually everybody, in every moment of their life, is mechanically improper. This makes good business for me as a chiropractor. Many, many people will need my services because they are over stressing their body because of improper posture and improper mechanics.

In three private posture lessons, you can be exposed to the most important and basic ways to be correct when you’re sitting, sleeping, standing, walking, bending, lifting, and turning. I teach the few simple rules for each of these activities. After three private sessions you won’t master what I’ve presented. This is why I offer the follow up coaching-review lessons. In these coaching lessons, you’ll be able to continue to improve on the positioning (and therefore ease) of your body when you’re sitting, lying, standing, walking, bending and lifting.

Your life is made up of these above listed activities. How many moments of your life doesn't involve one or more of these activities? (I consider the still postures of sitting, lying, and standing as an activity). By improving your posture and mechanics in virtually every moment of your life, you'll guarantee yourself a healthier and less painful body as these many decades takes their soft, or hard, wear and tear on your body. A lot of your comfort in the later decades of your life depends on how well your posture and movement have been. In three lessons, you'll learn how to be more posturally and mechanically correct. These lessons could make a large difference in how well you feel as your hair gets more silver in it.

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