All of the posture lessons are designed to give you the few simple rules make that activity, whether you're still (sitting, standing, lying/sleeping) or in movement (walking, bending, lifting, or turning), more correct and less stressful. The three stationary positions and the four movements cover everything you'll ever be doing with your body.

The fees for the lessons are listed on the page that describes the lesson.

There are four different private lessons:
1. Standing and Walking
2. Bending, Lifting, Turning, and Sleeping
3. The Basics of Sitting Posture
4. Coaching-Review Lesson

There are three different group lessons:
1. Posture Lesson For Sitting Meditation
2. Review-Advanced Posture Lesson For Sitting Meditation
3. Stick-Stretches Classes

If you take these three basic lessons, you'll learn how to correctly do each of the activities. Our parents didn't teach us the few simple rules that will tell us how to correctly how to sit, stand, lie, walk, bend, lift, and turn. If you use these few simple rules, then you'll create so much less stress and strain on your body through the many decades of life.

Here is one example of not being taught the simple basic rules by our parents. What instruction were you given about how to bend and lift? How would you teach a ten year old to bend and lift? What would you tell them about their back? What would you tell them so that they could make sure they're using their big leg muscles as much as possible so they don't have to use their smaller and weaker low back muscles to lift a box?

For most of us, we can't tell another person what to really look for in their body as they bend and lift. When you leave the workshop on bending and lifting you'll know the four rules. These rules will be simple to you. And you'll be able to show others how to bend and lift. After twenty years of being a chiropractor, I couldn't explain to a patient how to properly bend and lift. I could tell them some points that are important, but I couldn't easily and completely explain how to best bend and lift. Now I can.

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