Massage, Self Massage and Muscles

This page is a topics page. This page acts as a central page for the topic of massage, self massage and muscles. There are links on this page about the topic of massage, self massage and muscles. These links are meant to be educational for you, to give you an understanding of the type of therapy that I provide, and to give you insight into some aspects of the at home therapy program.

Your Muscles During Rest, Your Muscles During Exercise, and Your Muscles During Aging

Muscle Memory, Trigger Point Self Massage, and My Work

Trigger Point Therapy Is The Best Description Of The Type Of Bodywork That I Do and The Type Of Self Massage That I Recommend. What Is Trigger Point Therapy?

The Most Important Rule About Trigger Point Massage/Self Massage Is To Not Irritate The Nerves

Massage/Self Massage Lengthens Tight/Shortened Muscles Back Into Relaxed Muscles With A Normal Length

The Differences Between Stretching and Trigger Point Therapy

The Different Types Of Muscle Tension: Regular, Shell-Like, Leathery and Armored

If A Muscle Hurts When You Press On It, Then That Muscle Needs Help

Why Tight Muscles Can Be Sore Or Painful When You Press Into Them

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