Standing and Walking

This lesson will teach you how to properly use your legs (from the top of your leg bones to the bottoms of your feet) when you’re standing and walking. Your legs are the two limbs that the rest of your body (from the bottom of your hips to the top of your head) is placed on. Getting these two limbs working correctly is immensely valuable. The private posture lesson on bending, lifting, and the framework of sitting covers your body from the bottom of your hips to the top of your head.

If the weight of your upper body is transmitted correctly through your legs and feet to the ground then the joints and muscles of your legs, knees, ankles, and feet will acquire the least stress possible. Any improperness of alignment causes additional stress. Your knee cartilage is the most vulnerable part of your legs. If your ankles and feet are properly aligned, your knee cartilage will have the least stress possible.

Most people are aware of what is called a front end alignment for their car. If the front tires are properly aligned to each other, then the tires will last the maximum amount of time they can. If your front end alignment is off, the tires wear down faster. The more the misalignment, the faster the tires wear out. Your knee cartilage is like your tires – if they go straight ahead, they last much longer.

Most people know that their ankle posture is not correct. They know they have a tendency toward flat feet or they have fallen arches. Look at the heels of a pair of shoes that you’ve worn a lot. Most people will wear down the outer part of the heels of their shoes faster than the central part of the heels of their shoes. This shows improper foot and ankle alignment. You may say that your feet feel okay. Let’s see what you say about your knees when you’re 80. Or your feet and ankles and hip joints when you’re 80.

This private posture lesson will give you the five basic points of proper standing for your legs, knees, ankles, and feet. This lesson will also teach you the four most important points of walking when it comes to having healthy legs, knees, ankles, and feet while walking. These simple rules are the ABCs for properly using your legs when you’re standing and walking. Learn and practice these ABCs and your body will be much less stressed. If you're not standing and walking with good alignment, you'll wear down your knee cartilage much faster.

Without exercise, everyone walks at least one million steps a year. That’s a phenomenal amount of steps. Over 70 years, that’s seventy million steps without any exercise. This is why alignment is so important. Do it well and you’ll feel much better.

This lesson is for one hour. The cost is $80. One or two people can take the lesson. The cost is still $80 total.