In every moment of your life, you’re either still (sitting, standing, or lying) or you’re in motion (usually walking, bending, lifting, or turning). Each of these activities has only four or five simple rules in order to do them well. You have not been taught these few simple rules. You were told to sit up straight and don’t hurt your back while lifting. That’s about the usual amount of instruction that most people have received. That’s very little instruction.

By not having your alignment correct when you're sitting, lying, standing, walking, bending, lifting, and turning you're stressing your body. This totally unnecessary stress is the main reason that people’s bodies bitch at them when they’re 70 and 80 years old. Do all of these activities well and you’ll feel a lot better now and when you’re 80.

In the private lesson and in the group workshops, you'll learn a few simple rules of alignment for almost every moment of your life. It's very relieving for your body to be properly aligned for the many decades of your life. I'ill lead you in easy ways to improve your alignment and lessen your muscle tension. The private lessons and group workshops are very practical and very helpful.

Proper alignment allows the maximum relaxation of your muscles and the minimal stress on your joints. There are only three still postures - sitting, standing, lying/sleeping. And there are only four motions to learn - walking, bending (anytime your body comes closer to the ground), lifting (anytime your body goes further away from the ground), and turning. Knowing and correctly doing the three stationary posture and the four movements will guarantee you a more comfortable and a more usable body.