This page addresses emergency situations. It also has a list of recommended doctors and therapists.

My usual days in the office are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers
Scripps Memorial Hospital in Encinitas is on Santa Fe Drive just east of I-5. It has emergency services.

ASAP Urgent Care is located at 519 Encinitas Blvd. in Encinitas. call 760-230-ASAP (2727) Click here to go their website.

Click here to find other urgent care facilities in the area.

Emergency Appointments
I have a waiting list of people wanting to come in for treatment, so I'm rarely available for emergency appointments. Though, at times, I can see a person on short notice.

If you’re in a lot of pain, you may choose to go to an urgent (emergency) care facility.
Other options are:
A chiropractor that takes emergency appointments.
A medical doctor to get examined and possibly get prescription muscle relaxers or prescription pain medication.
An acupuncturist.
A massage therapist.

If you're an established patient, it’s good for us to plan about what options you have if you’re in severe pain. It's good for us to go over other therapists and doctors in the area that can treat you on an emergency basis. Below is a list of therapists and doctors that I recommend. Some of these therapists and doctors may be able to see you on an emergency basis.

If You've Been In An Automobile Accident
I do not work with new patients who have been in an automobile accident because of the amount of paper work involved and because of the antigonistic approach taken by insurance companies.
If you're an established patient and you've been involved in an automobile accident, we may be able to work together. We can discuss your options. I can also help you find the best alternative for you to be treated for the injuries.

Recommended Doctors and Therapists
The following is a list of doctors and therapists that I recommend for treatment; and for emergency treatment if they are available.

Massage Services:
Francis Larocque 313-343-0333 is who I go to. He's excellent. He's very willing to listen to you. He'll work on what is your highest priority. (Most massage therapists will want to include the whole body which gives less time to your primary concerns,) His six years of experience (in 2019) gives him enough experience, though not great experience. Francis works through clothing. He uses massage tools at times to apply deeper pressure. His sessions are for ninety minutes.

Mary Manella 760-717-2794. Mary is excellent. She's very experienced. Her insight is fabulous. She works at various depths of pressure. She likes to include the whole body in her treatment. If you're looking primarily for deep work, don't choose Mary. Her style of work varies more than most people.

Dennis Frate 760-931-1949. Dennis has been doing massage for many years. He's also a yoga instructor. Dennis is a good choice. His treatment is not as deep as I am. He's good at his work.

Nikaya Kipp 760-415-5025. Nikaya is very good. She can work deep, though probably not for an entire session.

Nicolai Lennox at 858-481-9854. He does almost exclusively adjusting only. He's good at adjusting.

Ryan Gassee 858-481-2481.

James Tsai 760-720-7367.

Nobu Asano 760-753-8857.

Barbara Aplington 619-991-2097.

In San Diego:
Dr. James Fan 858-761-8332

Dr. Nakamura 619-692-9310.

Medical Doctors. There is no M.D. that I'm fully satisfied with. I'm open to your suggestions.
Masilungan Benjo 858-350-4414

Jorge Carrera 760-635-1777. He is open to a holistic approach to complement traditional medicine.

Gary Shima 760-410-7300. He is very holistic.

Linda Olafson 760-944-2986. Specilizing only in female problems. Holistically oriented.

Orthopedic Doctors:
Michael Skyhar 760-943-6700. He has over thirty years of experience. He wants surgery as a last option. He has a very good reputation through these many years.

Raymond Linovitz 760-943-6700. He has many years of experience and a good reputation.

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