I’m planning on this class being available in June. To take this advanced class, you will need to have taken both of the two basic classes. We’ll begin this two hour class by reviewing the ABCs of sitting. What you learned in sitting relates to your upper body – from the bottom of your hips to the top of your head. And then we’ll review the ABCs of standing and walking. What you learned in standing and walking relates to your two legs – the two limbs that support the rest of your body. We’ll combine these two separate parts of your body. One of the keys to the class is to integrate these two parts of your body where they meet – at your hips. The legs connect to your hips. Your hips are the connecting link between your upper and lower body.

Once you’re more fully connected and integrated from your feet to your head, we’ll add more instructions about breathing and the use of your arms when walking. This class has the potential to be a real gem. We all walk a lot. When you integrate both parts of your body (your upper body and your lower body), you’ll then be walking correctly. The basic proper use of your leg and sleeping properly group class only addresses the role that your feet and legs have in walking; not your whole body.