These coaching-review lessons can be for thirty minutes, for forty five minutes, or for one hour.

You can review any private lesson or any group lesson. You can also use the time as you choose. We can go over points from multiple lessons that you have taken.

Up to two people can take a coaching-review lesson at the same time for no extra charge. Both people will need to take the basic lessons in order to review that lesson.

The cost is $45 for thirty minutes, $65 for forty five minutes, and $80 for one hour.

If you take the basic lessons, you’ll have gained a great advantage to being more comfortable now and in the decades ahead. If you continue with these private coaching lessons, you’ll further improve your posture and mechanics; and have even more ease at 80.

People who have taken one or more coaching-review lessons have found them very helpful. One time of being instructed in the basic lesson is usually not enough instruction to really practice well the simple rules of proper posture for the rest of your life.

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