Some people are raised in a church-going family or in a sports oriented family. I was raised in a chiropractic family. My father was a chiropractor for 48 years. He adjusted over 90 people a day. In chiropractic, my father is called a high volume chiropractor. Almost all of my parent’s friends were high volume chiropractors. He thought that he was providing a complete service; that he was not just "an adjust the spine" chiropractor. He thought that the more people that he adjusted, the more people he could help. My father helped thousands and thousands of people during his years of practice.

From early childhood, I could see the good service that my father was doing. Hundreds of people wouldn’t be coming to him each week if he wasn’t helping them. As time went on, I got to see the limitations of providing only spinal adjusting as a treatment. All services have limitations; including mine.

My father was running a chiropractic office with multiple chiropractors when I graduated in 1979 from chiropractic college. I’ll save you the lengthy version of how I went from knowing I would never be a chiropractor (teenage rebellion) to being a chiropractor (because I wanted to study about health for my own benefit).

I began working in August 1979 in my father’s office. The four chiropractors working there were to provide the same type of treatment. This way if a patient wanted to come in when you weren't there, they could receive a very similar treatment. In this system, the chiropractor was to be with the patient for less than five minutes. The chiropractor was to schedule the patient three times a week for the first two months; no matter their condition. My father thought that he was making it easy on me by scheduling my patients every seven minutes. That's 40% more time than the other three chiroractors were having.

I stayed for 1 ½ years. I needed to leave because I didn’t feel I was providing a thorough enough service for the patients. I started my own practice in Encinitas California in April 1981. I've practiced continually since then. For many years my practice has been overflowing with patients. I’m thankful that people find my service valuable.

I’ve been primarily a fix-it guy. You come in with some part of your body that’s not working well. My job is to work with you in getting that part well. Patients take a very active role in their healing. They usually already know the things that they have to avoid because those movements hurt them. What they do not know are things that they can actively do to effectively help their condition to heal -- the at home therapy program. I teach patients how to simply and effectively help themselves during the 168 hours in a week. My fix-em-up business has been successful for the patients and also successful for myself. Patients know how to help themselves get better. They also know how to simply and effectively keep that area healthy so they don’t have pain and they don’t need me to help them. They become empowered and healthy.

Every time a patient walks into my office, we're always working to reduce the effects of stress that has already built up; built up so much that they're in pain or they're limited in what they can do. In 2004, I began teaching group posture workshops to help people to learn how to accumulate less tension. In every moment of your life, you’re either still (sitting, standing, lying) or in motion (usually walking, bending, or lifting). Every moment that your body is properly aligned is another moment when you’re acquiring less stress. In every moment that your body is not properly aligned, you’re acquiring more stress than you need to.

The big payoff of all of our moment to moment habits comes in your 60s, 70s and 80s. If you’ve been mechanically good during the many decades of your life, you’ll be much more comfortable in your 60s, 70s and 80s. And if you’ve been mechanically not so good for those decades, your body will probably be bitching at you when you’re 80.

The group workshops were started to teach people the ABCs of posture. The two instructions that most of us were told was to “sit up straight” and “don’t hurt your low back when lifting; lift with your legs and not with your back.” That’s damn little instruction. In most of my years of providing my chiropractic service, unfortunately, I’ve added little to these two vague instructions. Now I include posture and movement training as part of your appointment. I also offer private posture lessons where we can have more time to focus on your posture and on your movement. My instructions are designed to give you a few simple, clear, and easy-to-apply rules in the following categories: sitting, standing, sleeping, walking, and bending and lifting. These six activities make up the vast, vast majority of what your body is doing in every moment of your life.

I provide two different services. The first service is my chiropractic bodywork (primarily trigger point therapy) where we work together to fix you up. The second service is teaching you how to easily be more proper in every moment of your life by teaching you the ABCs of posture and movement, and teaching you an appropriate at home therapy program. Then when you’re in your 70s and 80s, you’ll be a lot more comfortable by using the simple ABCs of posture and movement and by doing your at home therapy. To work all your life and then to be left with an achy or painful body is not a joy. Both of my services are designed for you to be more empowered and pain free throughout your life.

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