The Basics of Sitting


This lesson addresses the basics of how to properly sit. In this lesson, we’re going to keep it simple. We’re going to work on the basics of sitting; and not the more subtle details. In the sitting for meditation lesson, I add more subtle details in how to sit.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to soften your muscles, and have your spine lengthen and your rib cage widen as you sit. Most bodies collapse and tighten the longer a person sits. You can learn how to soften and open your body as you sit. This basic sitting posture lessen can be used when you’re sitting at dinner with friends, when you’re sitting at work, and when you’re sitting in meditation. You'll find that sitting on most couches is not good and how to make it better.

If you sit for seven hours a day, that’s 29% of your life that you’re sitting. If we put all of that sitting time together, then every year you’d be sitting for 24 hours a day begining on Janauary 1st and you wouldn't get out of the chair until April 17th. On April 17th, you could finally get up and you wouldn’t have to sit any more during that year. Over 70 years, it adds up to 21 solid years of just sitting. And many people sit a lot longer than seven hours a day. Sit well and you'll feel much better.

This lesson is for one hour. The cost is $80 for the lesson. Up to three people can take the same lesson. The total cost will still be $80.